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Scientifically Thinking About Your Foot
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3D Footprint Automatic Measurement Machine The World’s Smallest and Lightest Rail Type Laser Scanner

This is a totally new system that provides you with the ability to correctly assess your customers walking posture. Through the use of still photos and video, each individual customers needs can be more greatly met.
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Motion Picture

When we look at the video, we don not only analyze the feet but the body motion as a whole.
Take video using “Treadmill”.
We can use up to 4 cameras, one each set for foot, whole body, waist, and lower half.
You can choose the specifications for the cameras that best suit your needs.
The video can be played back in various ways, normal speed, 2 times faster, 4 times faster, half speed, quarter speed, even frame by frame.
The video is accumulated, so you can compare what you took before, and analyze the changes.

Still Picture

You can see the strain on the body with just one click.
Take a digital camera photo of the standing position, foot position, etc.
Transfer data to your computer. You can analyze those photos, with insole and without. Also,
showing a customer a good posture compared with theirs is also possible.

A unique balance between high performance ability and simple usage.

“Foot Scanning” is a totally new measurement device for examining foot pressure on the ground.
It has high sampling speed and high density scan capabilities.
The machine measures foot pressure on the ground when standing, walking or running.

  • Foot Pressure
  • Foot Pressure
  • Foot Pressure

Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have concerning any of our products.
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